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X-ray Fluorescence Elemental Analysis

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer is an analytical instrument that uses characteristic X-ray fluorescence rays generated by X-ray excitation of elements in a sample to detect the energy and quantity of photons.

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Precious Metal Detection Solution

Precious metals refer to metals with rare reserves in the Earth’s crust, high prices, chemical stability, solubility resistance, ductility, and a brilliant luster. Due to their wide range of uses

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Coating Solutions for the PCB Industry

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are crucial electronic components, serving as the support structure for electronic devices and carriers for electrical interconnections. Whenever electronic components such as integrated circuits are involved,

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Connector Plating Detection Solution

Hello everyone, this article mainly revolves around the application of ED-XRF in the detection of plating in connectors. Connectors, also known domestically as plug-in connectors, plugs, and sockets, are components

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